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Does fate determine your fate? by Judson Laipply

I was watching the movie “Serendipity” the other day (something my girlfriend and I could watch together-not sports and not Kardashians) and if you have never seen it I’ll spoil it for you. Boy meets girl for a few hours and they have magic moment. Rather than exchange numbers (of course pre-cellphone days) they wrote their info on a $5 bill and inside a book with the thought being if “fate” would have it, one of them would find the other person’s item and they would know that “fate” meant for them to be together. The rest of the movie is them living out their lives but always wondering if they missed out and desperately seeking the contact info other of the other (too bad facebook wasn’t around yet). Of course as only Hollywood can they, shockingly, finally find each other at the end of the movie after each breaks off their engagement (one moments before the wedding) and of course we are to believe they live happily every after. It’s a romantic movie and the restaurant it’s names after has a line out they door when you visit it in NY.

It’s a cute and loving movie that is supposed to warm out hearts and remind us that fate always has our best interests at heart. Or does it?

Here’s the problem with fate-you can’t rely on it. No matter what you believe or how you think life works out fate has no more influence over your life then me blowing on a candle does on the winds over the Sahara Desert. What fate does for many is create a stop-freeze on action.

What you get in life will be a result of what you go after. Not what fate has in store. Are there forces in play outside of your control? Of course. Is there a chance that what you are going after is not what you’ll get? Sure. But you’reĀ  guaranteedĀ  you won’t get what you if you don’t at least go after it. You have to play the lottery to win.

Fate sometimes can be a calming factor to us when things are not going well or when something really bad happens. It can be a great coping mechanism. Just don’t let fate be the determining factor in your life. You are the determining factor.

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