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Don’t over tech when simple will do by Judson Laipply

No one can argue that an airplane may be the most advanced technological piece of equipment that normal people (non NASA) use. One look inside the cockpit and you will see an array of computers and instruments and a dizzying display of tech. On the plane itself flyers are equipped with iphones, ipads, ipod, ipees, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, PSP, DSs, Wii, Us, Thems, Kindles, Sony Readers, Noise Canceling headphones (which ironic enough don’t cancel out sound), and so much more. There is enough tech on an airplane to open up a sky high Best Buy.

Yet for all that power, for all those advanced features when a plane lands and pulls into the gate do you know how the agent meeting the plane let’s the flight attendant know it’s ok to open the door? The knock. A good old fashion rap on the door says it’s safe to open up. No phone call, no text message, no light display, just a knock. Simple as that. There is no need for anything else.

So the question is, how much do you over tech? I will be the first to admit I love me tech. I have enough Apple products to start an orchard but none of them will every come close to the joy of sitting with friends. I can send emails and text messages to people all day but never get the same feeling as a phone call or face to face conversation. Technology is supposed to enhance out lives and sometimes that means not over using it.

Tell me – what piece or type of technology do you over use that maybe you don’t need to?

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How Wikipedia kept me out of jail by Judson Laipply

If you ask an English teacher if Wikipedia is a good source they will most likely inform you that the APA does not consider to be valid. Apparently Candian Customs thinks differently.

As a professional speaker traveling across the border I sometimes get sent to immigration for further questioning after customs cannot wrap their head around the idea of a professional speaker. One occasion I was delayed for close to 3 hours before finally being allowed to enter. Recently I was traveling to St John NB for a few days to speak at a International Round Square Youth conference. Upon landing in Toronto I had to go through customs and after explaining what I was there for was sent along to immigration for further review.

After approaching the young women in immigration I handed her my passport and began to answer her questions about why I was heading into Canada. She seemed a bit perplexed and continued to ask about my speaking, “What do you speak about? How do you get your shows? Who do you speak to?”

I continued to explain and went as far to say I had a video on the Internet that had gone viral and that provided for lots of PR etc. What I did not know is that Canada has apparently adopted the policy to Google the name of anyone they are questioning to see what results pop up.

One search result later I was greeted with this, “Oh! You have a Wikipedia page! Here you go. Come on in!” Wikipedia might not be able to serve as a source for your dissertation but at least Canada considers it safe.

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